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Georgia on My Mind (. . . And, Kevin Bacon)

I’m totally convinced life is a lot about points of connection – or connecting the dots, as it were. 

I’m sure if I delved deeply enough, Kevin Bacon would be sure to surface somewhere in this story!

Kevin Bacon by Lionel Deluy

(Image of Kevin Bacon via Lionel DeLuy – Photographer.  Just as an aside, fabulous wallcovering, don’t you think?)

I’ve just returned from a wonderful visit to share time and some design tweaks with some really dear clients.  You see, we’ve worked together on three homes in three different states.  We figured out it’s been over a span of thirteen years and here it is, the year 2013 and we’ve reconvened on this project.  I know . . . probably just a coincidence but I like to think there is some mystical or heavenly-related influence on the calendar!


Ed and Louise know how to make folks feel special – AND – they are pretty special people, too.  Roger, my husband, went along as my helper and though he can be quiet in some situations, Ed and he always have lots to share.  I’ll spare you more dot connecting but I think they both know all of the same people and didn’t realize it until this trip. 


We stayed at the Cuscowilla Golf Resort on Lake Oconee, not far from their home.  (You know you have the best clients when they provide lodging where you can wind down after a full day of work!)  I snapped a few pics from the balcony of our villa.  Between the mist on the lake and the sun, it was absolutely gorgeous!


A bridge to the other side provided a beautiful reflective image.  Even though I’m landlocked, where I live, being surrounded by water brings a tranquility like nothing else.

Ed and Louise live in a community called Harbor Club.  It’s also on the lake and has great golfing and horse stables.  While we had Sunday brunch at the clubhouse, Ed shared a bit of sports history of another kind.  Mickey Mantle had maintained a residence in the community and was pretty active, when he was in town.   

2013-01-20 12.55.27

According to Wikiepedia:  “During the final years of his life, Mantle purchased a luxury condominium on Lake Oconee near Greensboro, Georgia, near Greer Johnson's home, and frequently stayed there for months at a time. He occasionally attended the local Methodist church, and sometimes ate Sunday dinner with members of the congregation. He was well liked by the citizens of Greensboro, and seemed to like them in return. This was probably because the town respected Mantle's privacy, refusing either to talk about their famous neighbor to outsiders or to direct fans to his home. In one interview, Mickey stated that the people of Greensboro had "gone out of their way to make me feel welcome, and I've found something there I haven't enjoyed since I was a kid."

2013-01-20 12.55.44

You can tell the DH wanted lots of pictures since he’s more of a baseball fan than a golf person.  Wondering about this point of connection?  My clients were originally New Yorkers!

2013-01-20 12.55.59

Even though it was the winter season, there was a bit of “wild life” popping around!

Tons of deer appeared at night, so driving was definitely an “all eyes on the road” kind of experience.  We even saw a coyote scoot in front of us.  (The DH decided he might not go running that night, too.  Ha!)  One of the more interesting creatures was this fellow:

(Sherman Fox Squirrel – courtesy of:  Fauna Force)

We were so intrigued I totally forgot to whip out the camera but, with the help of Google, I figured out what type of squirrels we had seen scampering around.  Sure haven’t seen these fellows in other parts of our travels.


Thankfully, since we needed to change out a few accents, we found some great shops in and around nearby Greensboro and Madison to fit the bill.

2013-01-21 10.12.11

(This beauty is heading to their dining room.  The perfect blend of lakeside casual to compliment some more formal dining furniture.)

Oh, and another small world detail . . . Melanie, the lighting specialist who assisted us at Oconee Lighting, had some business cards sitting on the front counter.  One in particular caught my eye.  You see, Zeb Grant, the owner of Z Grant, a local design and floral shop, is a bestie of my friend Maybelline Te.  Maybelline spends part of her time in North Carolina and part of her time is in Cebu, Philippines.  (She’s a designer of interiors and furniture.)  I met Zeb when he helped May with her Snug Furniture showroom.  I missed seeing him,this trip, but I hope to stop by in the future. 

See?  From NC, to the Philippines, to Georgia . . . one never knows who and how we’ll meet!

(Maybelline Te and Zeb Grant at Z Grant’s grand opening, last fall.  Be sure to click on the link to give Zeb’s Facebook page a little love!)


(The chair is from Maybelline’s Snug Furniture Collection and I used it during a tabletop event.)


(An added tile feature will replace an opening to the family room.  Can’t wait to see it finished!)

It was a fast round trip of fun and design.  Lots of nipping and tucking of pictures, accessories, shopping, sourcing for tile and lighting, reminiscing, and laughter.  (When Roger helped Ed move a piano, we weren’t sure if emergency services would be needed from the look on his face.  When all was found to be okay, we still thought medics might be needed for the breathless laughing!)


(This fine fellow has been used in all three homes.  He makes a great focal statement.  The walls are going to receive a new paint color to really tie things together.)



(We swapped the dining room china cabinet for an open wall unit.  A little more relaxed application.  We added some larger scaled pieces to prevent the china from feeling too stiff.)


(The current rug will inspire the dining room window treatments.)


(The dining fixture.)


(Just in case you didn’t know, it takes a bit of time, thought and some occasional editing to place years of collecting.)

By the way, I had a feeling Kevin Bacon might be connected to this story . . .

Mickey Mantle was in "That Touch of Mink" (1962) with Cary Grant.

Cary Grant was in "Charade" (1963) with Walter Matthau.

Walter Matthau was in "JFK" (1991) with Kevin Bacon.

All My Best

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