Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grey & Green–A Not So Curious Mix

Grey and Green.  Some days I feel like I resemble this combination.  I’ve been designing for awhile, so I’ve developed a pretty well-seasoned skillset in the world of interiors.  I KNOW many of the trends because I’ve LIVED during many of them.  :)  I’ve even embraced a lot of what technology has thrown my way.  I actually do enjoy it . . .  when it doesn’t get in the way of the pure joy I receive from participating in the process of creating great spaces. 


Knowing what today’s consumers want for their homes?  That can always be a guessing game!  I can read studies, all day long, regarding how to anticipate the attraction to trends, think I know that direction, and POOF! . . . another one has taken off on the boards of Pinterest, the postings on Houzz, or the ‘likes’ and comments on Facebook.  (Oh, and as a public service reminder, keep those critiques kind.  Good manners never go out of style!)


(While waxing poetic about some design ponderings/philosophy, I know I need to share a few captivating images. This is a blog about interior design, after all!)

Truthfully, when I recently posted one of my own archives photos of a formal, traditional dining room on my Facebook page, I was very surprised by the number of thumb’s ups and positive comments, in a world filled with formulaic, pre-created catalog-influenced rooms.  Maybe it’s time to go back to rooms with depth in design and longevity?  I sure hope so!


(Even if there might have been something found in a catalog, for this space, you can feel that it belongs to an individual.  They had the courage to let the designer “go for it”.)


(Another little design aside - Emerald green is “the” trend color for 2013, according to Pantone.  I purposefully left it out of the color chips so that you could focus on the table.  Not sure if you need to totally go with a trend but kind of like it?  An expert eye can show you how to make it happen.)

In the world of color, grey represents stability, experience, and calmIt brings depth to a space and can even be a neutral backdrop.  (I recently used it in a project where we wanted to keep a ton of bright hues from making the client feel like a jumping bean in her home.)  Green can be interpreted as fresh and a new beginning . . . a focus on growth.  It can also indicate someone being a novice or new at a task.


Grey and green.  Experience and growth.  I think, if allowed, they can be the perfect fit, don’t you? 

All My Best

PS - If you’re daunted by the task of creating personalized, interior spaces, I’d love to hear from you!  You’ll have great options available.

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