Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Interior Design Experiences–What do you enjoy?

I imagine many of my readers have had the pleasure of a spa experience.  Perhaps you’ve included a destination to a lovely resort, while being pampered.  A total package of rest and relaxation with gorgeous surroundings!


(During a visit to Kiawah Island, SC, I melted into oblivion with some wonderful treatments at The Sanctuary Hotel’s serene spa.  It was definitely a special vacation moment!)

Sometimes, though, you need to sneak in a few hours of serenity and self-care and can’t seem to find the days on the calendar for a long-term journey.  There might even be a special service you would like to “try on” but don’t want to build a destination event until you know you’ll like it.



(How nice it is to have the Ballentyne Resort & Spa, just a short drive away, in the Charlotte area!  I’ve got a few gift cards waiting for my selection of day services.  So many choices!)

In either case, it hasn’t gotten past my attention how most spas make it easy for you to determine what their offerings are and what experiences you might expect to receive from them.  You can select from a day of pampering and can choose how you want to put together that day.  If you prefer, you can often create a half day, too.


I certainly know that I’d like to create some optional design services in order to bring more client choices and to keep the investment information simple.  Guess what?  I’m working on that as I’m sharing this post!  It’s taking a little bit of time as I want to be sure the pairings will make sense and will bring forth the best experience for my clients.  Be sure to stay-tuned as I unveil this on my blog and website in the coming weeks!

Wanda S. Horton Interior Design Custom Chair

(I’m sure I’ll create an interiors option to fit you to a ‘T’.)

Until then, I invite you to dream of design/spa destinations.  You never know what might come your way!



All My Best

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