Thursday, February 28, 2013

Got Tile? Solutions for a Lake House

A quick project update!

If you recall, I had a wonderful visit to clients in Georgia to help them tweak and settle into their new home.  As the husband said, it needed “Wanda-rizing”.  (I love it when I'm part of their design lingo!)


(If only our current, winter weather could be this lovely!)

One of the challenges to be addressed was a funny little opening between the kitchen and living areas.  We think it was meant to give the impression of light and air but it actually created visual clutter.  I call these kinds of things, “gratuitous architecture”.  Something that the original builder might have thought of as a feature but it didn’t contribute a lot in terms of function or form.


Lots of cased openings make the eye stop and it actually shrinks the space.  See what I mean?

Luckily, my clients were ‘open’ to closing this up and that left another little challenge.  See the current backsplash?  It’s tumbled stone and it wrapped around a larger perimeter of the kitchen.  We didn’t feel it needed to all come down. 

The “window” had also dipped down into the existing tile and we didn’t have more of it to fill in the difference.  It was time to use the old design noggin!

Chase Kitchen Backsplash - Current

(Here’s a larger photo of the rest of the backsplash.)

Lake Oconee Tile Selection

Happily, I found product to complement their tumbled stone.  It also helped to pull in some of the exterior elements of lake living.

IMG_9855 (2)

Slate, stone, and a little glass made for a great combination in the decorative inserts.

Lake Oconee Tile Specs

The layout provided visuals for the clients’ sign-off and to get the installer’s quote.

Lake Oconee Tile Progress

We added some lighting to wash over the design and to make it brighter for the sink area tasks.  The slate “liner” was carried across the existing backsplash top to connect it back to the center feature.

photo (9)

I was so excited to receive a photo of the finished application!  Perfect for a cottage at the lake, don’t you think?

This was a wise investment of design dollars, both for product and my services.  My clients are thrilled that their kitchen and living areas feel larger, while we saved time and headaches on replacing their entire backsplash.  I love that it feels as if it’s a part of the original plan.

And . . . I love providing great solutions!

All My Best

PS - If you’re daunted by the task of creating personalized, interior spaces, I’d love to hear from you!  You’ll have great options available.

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