Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Because . . . Impulses in Interiors

I promised myself a little less desk time this weekend, but thoughts for posts can pop up in the least expected moments, so I thought I would do a casual Saturday share.

I bumped into a vendor and her husband, last night, while running some errands in our local Costco.  They saw that my cart contained a few bunches of these beautiful tulips and they wondered if there was a special occasion in the midst. 


Now, I do love being able to snip buds from the yard or garden, but winter makes it a little less convenient since nothing is happening amidst the burned-back foliage.  I also try to support our local florists, when at all possible.


But . . . on an evening where the temps were quickly dropping and it was too late for shops to be open, I made the decision to grab a little bit of “immediate-gratification-happiness”!  Yes, I’m one of “those” people who tell you good things come to those who wait and that good design must have a plan and here I was, scooping up these tulips without as much as a blink-of-an-eye lash.  (In my defense, the woman before me took off with all of the Stargazer lilies so I wasn’t going to fiddle-faddle around to be left with mostly white mums.  I needed color and I needed it badly!)


Oh, back to the point of the post . . . (you know, it IS Saturday, after all!)

I totally get that there we often make purchases based on the emotional need to provide our homes and lives with a little boost.  There are many “winters” we can experience without it necessarily being the winter season.  Sometimes we need a ‘feel good’ moment and it’s perfectly okay to treat ourselves without a ton of rationalization.  (Coming from the frequent Queen of it.)  An occasional impulse in interiors is allowable as long at it is within reason or doesn’t create crazy results.

Sometimes it’s okay to do things, just because.  :)

All My Best

PS - If you’re daunted by the task of creating personalized, interior spaces, I’d love to hear from you!  You’ll have great options available.

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