Saturday, March 16, 2013

Aligning the Planets and Interior Design

Before you think I’m a sage smudging, crystal hanging, chanting, astrological-chart-referencing-interior-design-eccentric, I want to assure you that I typically rely on a good dose of intuitive common sense, among my creative spurts of energy and the esoteric.

However . . . there are times when no matter how much careful planning goes into my work, the planets fall out of alignment and it’s a celestial mess!  I just don’t feel like I can summon up an “elegant” post to capture the moments of the week. 

Someone recently pointed out to me that Mercury has been in “retrograde'”.  Long story short, it means to keep your hopes high and your expectations low because everything will probably have to be done, at least twice, and communication goes by the way of H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS in a hand basket. . . . well let’s just say it’s like being on stage with the proverbial microphone and asking, “Is this thing on?”

In some ways, I felt like I was in an episode of “Flipping Out”.  

Pretty close to my reaction.  Sometimes there are just no real words to sum it up.  (Well, not words that should be shared in front of the client.)

AND -  one of the installation days was 3-13-13.  What was I thinking?!!!  Did I think I should taunt the planets?  Thankfully there isn’t a 13th month in the year.  That could have been one of those “end-of-time moments”.  (Mmmmmm . . . never thought about doing the interior of a bunker.)

Hurry up and wait.  Hey, if everything is sitting there, ready-to-go, I can deal with it.  It’s the drawn out process of getting to this point that’s making me a little nuts.  (And hoping the final product is what it’s supposed to be.)  If I just had a Zoila to keep me laughing.

According to the universal “experts”, Mercury in Retrograde is the astrological equivalent to Murphy’s Law.  Computers crash, mail gets lost, projects become unhinged, people are misunderstood, and the list goes on.  We’re supposed to take care in signing important documents, taking on new projects, having important meetings and even might want to put off elections???  In other words, hold our breath until things become safe again.  Ummm, right.

On the other hand, it’s supposed to be a good time to finish up items already started, catch up on paperwork, and someone even said, “Enjoy someone’s wacky sense of humor”.  (I think I’ve got that department well-covered.  Okay, it did take a few days to laugh about it.)

So Mr. Mercury, Murphy, or whoever you are, I’ve got something to say to you . . .

Now it’s time to go find my four leaf clover.  There are projects waiting!

(Thanks to Flipping Out for helping me with today’s images and for the reminder ‘it’ happens to the best of designers.)

All My Best

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