Saturday, March 9, 2013

Give a Little, Gain a Lot–Watching the Clock

My inner sunshine cravings are always in full throttle by the time we get to spring forward for Daylight Savings Time.  Realistically, it’s about manipulating time to give us the perception we’ll have more of it but most of us still happily anticipate the advent of moving that dial hand or doing the digital adjustment.  For or a few days, our body clocks will be thrown off by the idea of “losing” an hour in order to reap the seasonal benefit of not coming home in the pitch dark.  It doesn’t seem to be a big sacrifice in order to enjoy the longer days, does it?

Clock 1

Clock 2

Clock 3

It certainly brings to mind this observation . . .


I may beg to differ a little bit on the sleep thought.  I can absolutely tell the difference in the days I’ve gotten a sound rest.  (So can my husband!) 


Do I recall the exact dates of blissful slumber?  Probably not.  Will I miss the hour in order to appreciate the long-term experiences?  Not at all!  I’ve certainly been given enough time to accommodate and plan for it.


Here’s the thing – If there is something we really want – a goal, an acquisition, a hobby, a relationship – you name it – we always can find the time to make it happen by letting go of what may be in our way of moving forward.  It doesn’t always have to be a big, hairy something and the end results can be tremendous!


My conclusion is that “lost” hour seems totally worth it!  Now it’s ‘time’ to get back to my bed . . .  the garden bed, of course!

All My Best

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