Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring, Happy Anniversary–A Celebration of Life!

It just so happens, this year, the first day of Spring and my wedding anniversary are landing on the same day.  Two of my favorite reasons to have a celebration! 

I was thinking back, to a few years ago, when I was involved in a tabletop event which also landed on my anniversary evening.  I’m thankful my dear husband, who has always been my best cheerleader, was also present and a participant.  We met in college and not only has he been a support in my business, but on this life’s journey we chose to take together, thirty-one years ago.  (When your future husband stays up all night to help you cut walls out of foam core board for a house model - while you’re studying for three exams - you know he’s a keeper!)


(Callas and tulips made for a lovely arrangement!)


(I never get tired of these images.  My vintage china provided the perfect inspiration.)


(I still have the hand-painted table cover, too.  Perhaps it’s time to bring it out of hiding!)

As a young bride and groom, we dreamed of what our life would hold.  We’ve watched history unfold; sometimes taking our breath away in the process.  We’ve laughed until we had tears streaming down our faces and we’ve had moments where the tears came from places of heartache.  It’s with awe and bemusement that we’ve experienced the advances of technology and how far-reaching our connections can be, with the world.  I wanted a cottage-style home with a white picket fence.  The gate to that fence greets me every day.


Thank you for sharing my walk down memory lane.  Thirty-one years and counting on many more springs ahead!

All My Best

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Jaime Berg said...

Lovely post :) btw, what is the name of your china pattern-I love it and would like to search for some pieces for myself. Thanks, Jaime