Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Green of Spring–Fresh Interior Updates

I know it sounds so cliché to be speaking of the expected greening of our world, each spring.  Fresh shoots of grass, buds on trees, popping of bulbs.  Of course, since I’m so fortunate to have readers from around the globe, this might be considered a rare phenomena!  Not much green in a desert, right? 

In the southeastern portion of the US, it’s almost taken for granted.  With a relatively mild winter, I’m watching the rain drizzle over our verdant lawn and it struck me how calming it is.

Edouard Vermeulen's Home Facade

(Oh, would this Belgium manor be my home!  I love the symmetry – also very soothing to the eyes.  )

Edouard Vermeulen's Home

(A tableau in the same home’s interior.  A mastery of the monochromatic.)

Art and decoration 2

This gorgeous estate is the home of Édouard Vermeulen – a fashion designer who also once designed interiors.  I love the degree of detail which is carried out with the balance of restraint.  It appears most of the home has been done in different shades of green, all perfectly blended.

2010-08-04 16 30 30

I have a client who also loves green and these tiles were the perfect choice for her master bath remodel.  She sometimes worries if she loves green too much.  I know if I show her something in it, her eyes sparkle like this glass tile!  As in the lovely examples, above, it all has to do with the application. 


(The color of her dining room walls.)


(A peak in the living room during the Christmas holiday season.)


(Art being considered for the master bedroom.  Maybe we’ll be inspired with a new direction, from the blocked color paintings, above!)

Ahh, the greening of spring!  I think my client has the right idea and I would certainly never let her interiors become a cliché in design!

All My Best

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