Monday, April 22, 2013

Pillow Fight!

I’m taking a brief break from touring the High Point Market to look over 400+ images to see where I need to fill in the blanks.  Since I drive back and forth, (the jury being out on that decision), I can take some time to regroup for another full day of pounding the pavement.  Plus, it’s a little worrisome when the illuminated “service engine” thingy comes on.  Some sort of nonsense about “fuel level sending unit”.  Sigh . . . a different kind of “shop” time.

There is so much to see and share but I always have to stop by Elaine Smith’s fabulous display of her outdoor/indoor pillow line.  And let me say, I wouldn’t just tuck these into chaises by the poolside.  They deserve to be front and center, indoors, too!










Bar none, this is a company that totally gets how function can meet fashion.  I’ve only posted a portion of their offerings!  The dressmaker details are top shelf – no pun intended.  Some really amazing, printed vinyl covers present cork and leather looks.

I love the easy clean-up in that it prevents folks from feeling as if a decorative pillow is too precious for everyday use.  Little kids, pets, big kids, (husbands), and all in Sunbrella fabrics so a sunny corner won’t damage or fade the materials.  We can even order yardage to coordinate for recovering that chair or sofa!

Time to get my self together for another road trip.  I’ll keep you posted and don’t fight over who gets which pillow collection.  There’s something for everyone.  :)

All My Best

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