Monday, May 27, 2013

Rustic R & R

Long weekends provide just enough time to take a nearby jaunt for a mini vacay.  Just enough time to give some extra breathing room but not so long that it creates undue stress of leaving behind a workload or the anticipation of a large on piled up to greet you.  Just enough time to be able to say, “aahhh”.

Enough time to walk a mountain road.


Enough time to take a horseback ride.


Enough time to discover hidden treasures.


Enough time to learn that it takes a whole lot of bees to make a tablespoon of honey.



Enough time to smell the rhododendron.  (Well, rather to “inhale” the visual beauty.)


Enough time to enjoy a country ham biscuit at an old inn and to walk it off, afterwards.




I hope you make “enough time” to do what feeds your soul, this summer.  I know it always makes me a better person!  (And a designer.)

All My Best

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