Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Marriage of the Minds

So the story begins a few years ago . . .

Two people “met” on Twitter.  They shared a few chats and found a connection.  They decided 140 characters to be too limiting and the next best thing would be to catch up by phone.  Conversations were lively – full of laughter and wit and mutual interests.  Some day, they would meet in person.  It was just a matter of when.

Then, a wedding was finally destined to bring them together in her hometown area . . .

Morning Glory Farm

Okay, while this is a true story, I had better get us back on track before you think I’m spinning a tale of romance!  You see, this is actually about a friend of mine, Nick Lovelady, who is a second generation cabinet fellow from Sylacauga, Alabama.  (South and east of Birmingham.)  Before social media, it might have felt strange for me to refer to someone I’ve never met as a friend, but when you think of it, back in the days of old when folks were pen pals, no one ever seemed to question that thought. 

@Cupboards @WandaSHortonDZN

Fast forward a few years later, Nick is coming to my area for a friend’s wedding and contacted me to see if we could share some real time and to do so over a great meal.  Now, I know being a southern woman, I’m supposed to possess some mean culinary skills but I’m in the midst of doing some Horton home updates and I decided we would probably enjoy a little outing and sight-seeing around the Charlotte area, as well as to make it more convenient to scoot him back the airport. 

Nick shared that he’s easy to please, when it comes to dining out, but his one request was to keep it local.  But of course!  No chain dining would ever cross my mind!

So, after checking in with some of my local foodies and in trying to think of location and my preference for farm-to-table and southern fare, it looks like the winner is:

Harvest Moon Grille!

Harvest Moon Grille

It’s located in uptown Charlotte which means we’ll not only have a great meal, we’ll be able to walk off a few calories while exploring the city.  Honestly, I tend to forget all of the great venues because I live a bit further out from the core.  I love playing tour guide and tourist, all rolled into one.

Mint Museum

I thought it might be nice to head over to the Mint Museum.  Ironically, there’s a really fun exhibit about, what else – F.O.O.D.  Do you think I could have planned for it to be any more timely?  I’m sure we’ll find some other sight-seeing options, along the way, to fill the afternoon.


Of course, you can tell this fellow could keep you entertained just by the look on his face.

Looking forward to seeing you, Nick.  We’ll roll out the Charlotte welcome mat!

All My Best

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