Saturday, June 1, 2013

Making Design Decisions–My Week at a Glance

A huge part of what I do is to help people decide on how they ultimately want to live in their homes.  That always has to come first, before the first brick is laid, before the window treatments go up, or the time we spend at the drawing board. 

I have a pretty deep questionnaire which helps me to understand what they’ll need.  Without it, we’re like a ship being tossed at will.  We may land in some exotic location or we may be permanently left to drift at sea.  I always inquire as to how many “cooks” might be invited to stir the pot.

Here’s a little advice to help move things along.

Basing Decisions

Hope that helps!

What a reentry into the week, albeit a short one! 


The Skycroft project is moving along.  Exterior options are almost set!


Cast limestone, stucco, windows, gutters, shingles . . . and crossing fingers for the architectural review to committee for a thumb’s up.

This is going to be a beauty!


We worked on some interior details.  It’s always a great idea to get ahead of the framers, just in case there might be some “tweaks”.  And yes, there always seems to be a need for tweaks on any project, just so you’ll know.  :)  The hearth room is giving us some moments of pondering.  Ceiling slopes can do that to you.


On another note - It was the perfect week to be working on outdoor spaces.  Some previous clients have decided to extend their living options to include their backyard.  I enjoyed meeting with their landscape architect, Brian, of MetroScapes.  A gorgeous fireplace surround was sourced at Charles Luck Stone. 


The mantel shelf will be nice and chunky but elegant with a bullnose profile.


Walnut travertine pavers for the porch and patio.  Oooo!


Here’s the pattern for the lower patio.  (In the stone above.)


I slid by their house to take a look at a recent powder bath update we provided.  Lovely wainscoting added a little architecture.  This client prefers clean and simple . . .


. . . but she does love an occasional bit of bling!  I love the wall and ceiling color we selected, too.  Perfection!


I wanted to grab a better photo of a ceiling treatment we had also previously provided for the same clients.  The art lighting and design is something the Skycroft client may want to incorporate in her dining room, too.


Friday was a full day of lighting selections for another Skycroft client.  (Happens to be the daughter of the first project featured.)  I was thrilled she loves the aged brass finish.  I was also thrilled to hear her say she had “fun”!  In all of the trials and tribulations of custom home building, that’s always music to my ears.

This is one of our options.  Stunning!  (A special thanks to Stephanie, at Lee Lighting, for her expert help and customer service!)

Next week will be full steam ahead, too!  I love it, I love it!

Until then . . .

All My Best

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