Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Patient Pattern Remix–Don’t Try This By Yourself!

Sometimes it can be a challenge to add a pattern to an already existing mix.  Designers often prefer to create a room in total because it’s just an insurance policy that we’ll likely find pieces to readily go together.

Of course, real life doesn’t always work that way as some clients decide they would like to add some pieces at future dates, due to budgetary constraints and a preference for purchasing quality items rather than quick-fix throw-a-ways.  They might just like the idea of tweaking their style, too.

Here’s a project where I’m adding some furniture pieces as well as looking at a big change coming for the fireplace.  We originally began with the family room, but along the way, my clients decided that a big kitchen re-do was in order, along with a main level bath remodel.  You can understand how the funds were shifted to different priorities.


The window treatments have been in existence for a few years and we coordinated the fabric with a previous sofa and fabric roman shades.  About a year later, we changed those to the rattan shades. 

The next layer of design came, about a year ago, when we replaced the sofa, (Huntington House), and added the Jonathan Charles end tables and the Wildwood lamps. New pillows bring in extra color and pattern impact.  The medallion pattern, on the lower left, lives on some accent chairs and the rust circles, on the upper right, have lived on Pearson club chairs – one of our first major purchases.

The art and lamps on a sofa table, in the background, are making their way out and will be replaced by a new commode and an accent lamp with some original art.  We just repainted the walls – not shown in this photo -  in a deeper, golden tone to enhance the changes.

Family Room - DD

Next in line to head out?  The brown, leather ottoman.  It has served its purpose but we need to “level up” and “function up” the design.  A storage ottoman with a different fabric is just what’s needed! 

Love this bold, yet soft design from Candice Olson!  It plays nicely within the sandbox.


Also in the works?  A great Pearson cabinet in a custom finish.  (The wood chip is above.)

Deets FR Cabinet

You can see how I popped it into a photo of the space, in order for my client to get an idea of the design.  Notice how this remix transports her room?  Since this is such a strong statement, we’re going to use off-white parchment books and just a few key accessory pieces so as not to overwhelm the design.  We’ll have to be patient.  The custom finish puts this piece out for delivery at the 18-20 week mark.  Le sigh! 


We’re meeting, this week, to firm up the fireplace design.  It will be something akin to the one above.  Clean lines with high impact.

Yes, it’s great to be able to pull an entire room together for many reasons.  I thought I would share a “for instance” of when that option may need to be reconsidered.  It doesn’t work for everyone but if this is something of which you have the patience and time . . . . and can understand why a design fee would be applied to each level, even with the initial design plan having been done, then this service option may be something to consider.

And, for goodness sake, don’t attempt this alone!

I couldn’t agree more!

All my best

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