Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday’s Interiors Minute - Allow Time For Details

Good things come to those who wait.  They really do.  You’ll thank me for this tip.

Do you see the divine Madam Wu applique, gracing the corner of this sofa skirt?  It’s from the Mary McDonald collection for Schumacher and what an impact this one detail makes in this vignette.  Dressmaker details elevate a room from “nice” to “amazing”.


(Photo:  Courtesy of Schumacher)

So, let’s suppose you’re in a big hurry to get a room furnished.  I totally understand how much folks want or think they need to have decisions made, “yesterday”.  It’s also best that projects don’t drag on into infinity. 

I also know that if I’m charged to have your projects delivered, “yesterday”, we’ll miss the opportunity to apply special touches that will define the design – those which make it truly personal and unique.

So, what’s my advice to you?  When you decide to hire a design professional to chart the course for your project, allow them a little wiggle room to be inspired and to source those details.

Good things

I couldn’t agree more!

All my best

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