Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finding the “It” Fabric

Interior designers are their own worst client?  No!  How can that be?  ;)

I’m sure you can imagine we see so many things that it’s a bad case of the “what’s new, what’s next” syndrome.  Of course, it’s easy to tell you not to let it happen to you but I’ve got some great excuses, right?  The next market, the latest introduction . . .

Can you imagine my delight when I opened my latest Thibaut fabric book to find the answer to my lengthy list of ‘must-haves’ for a fabric for moi?!!!

thibaut nassau

Green and red have always been my colors.  They are like heat-seeking missiles to me.  They give me my happy, happy, happy.  (Sorry if this conjures up images of Duck Dynasty . . . I said it before it became the catch-phrase.)


(A little humor for your day.)

I can work with just about any color palette for clients and I love every color of the rainbow.  Blue and white?  I’m so there!  Sometimes so much I think of totally reworking what I have for something “different”.  I’ve got clients for whom I’ve done a whole gray and purple concept.  Loved it!  Yellows and rusts, grays and turquoise, beige-on-beige?  Absolutely!  When it comes to pulling back to what works for my personal aesthetic, it’s time to put on the blinders or my home could become a bit psychedelic!

Feeling Fallish

Even with this brilliant color pop, I do tend to keep the larger background of my home more neutral.  These colors live in original art, in place settings and in pillows – and on a few upholstery pieces.  This fabric meets another important criteria:  It gives me an update with a more modern feel to my cottage leanings.  I’m ready to clear out some of the collections and let something else be the “lead vocalist”. 

This pattern comes in a brighter background, too, but the deeper tone is more calming to my already daily-stimulated eyes.  (Witness the collage of photos I’ve taken while sourcing, creating tablescapes or walking through the pumpkin fields.)  Mmmm.  Do you see a tendency towards fall inspirations?

I usually don’t post so much about my personal spaces.  After all, this blog is supposed to be for and about you.  Still, isn’t it a bit comforting to know even interior designers may need a little time to find the “it” item for their homes?

Oooooh!  The wheels of design are turning!  Window treatments, reupholster a chair, pillows . . .

All my best! ~ Wanda

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