Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dressing a Room in Layers for a Personal Reveal

There is no doubt about it, I love rooms with a story.  The kind which tell me about who lives in the space, what they collect, what might be their passions, if they travel, etc.  I also love color and pattern.  I suppose I wouldn’t be considered a versatile designer if all of these loves weren’t part of my repertoire. 

Getting clients to the point of revealing their stories sometimes takes a little nudging.  After all, there has been a trend of keeping things pretty “orderly” on many of the most-visited design blogs and online tutelages.  Lots of pretty white or neutral with clean lines, graphic patterns and modern leanings.  For some, it feels to be a safer way to go.  I even have people tell me they head in this direction because they can’t decide or worry that they’ll do something others will judge as “not-current”.

What do you do if that’s not so much your lifestyle or preference?  What if you’ve already created a blank canvas and it’s not speaking to your heart?  What if you have prized possessions stuffed into a closet?  What if you want to create a meaningful place to call “home”?

I say . . . .

Layering a Room

Bring on the Layers

Bring on the Layers 2

And I also say: Vive la différence

All my best ~ Wanda

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