Sunday, November 17, 2013

Appealing to the Senses in Your Home’s Interiors

I’ve been thinking about some of the local home tours which tend to be in full swing this time of year.  Some are designed with the latest in interior trends as well as the builders are showcasing their skills in incorporating the most up-to-date in technology.  Of course, when it comes to holiday home tours, it’s all about getting everyone in the spirit. 

The Entryway

(Southern Living Idea House Entry – Nashville, TN)

The one common thread, weaving all of these showcases together, is the experience of the senses.  Sight, sound, smell, touch and in some cases, taste, can make for a lasting impression as we recall the homes we’ve visited.  I once did an entire house for a Homearama Tour, and while there were ten other homes, I was honored with the People’s Choice Award.  They remembered my home as the “happy” house.  You can’t tell me design isn’t about the senses impacting emotion!

4 - Homearama FR

(The “Happy House” great room.  It’s hard to believe I did this house back in 2005! I still like many of the timeless elements.  I’d probably switch up some accessories but the antique Mahal rug made for a divine room anchor!)

Let’s touch on a few ways to tickle the senses to make your home memorable in the best of ways.  (I might even toss in a few holiday notes.)

Fragrance or Foe? - Ahhhh!  Pleasant scents, wafting through the air.  Sometimes it’s whatever is baking in the oven or it’s an aromatic candle.  My nose is pretty discerning when it comes to perfumed things, including home cleaners.  The wrong one can bring in memories of a hospital stay rather than the appeal of fresh and clean.  I have an affinity for Mrs. Meyer’s products because so many of them are infused with natural herbs and scents.  Lemon Verbena is one of my absolute favorites. 



In fact, fill a container with any kind of citrus and it just makes everything feels sunny and light!  As Christmas approaches, tuck in some evergreen freshness and some sparkle.




(Courtesy of Garnet Hill)

The joy of touch. - Ah, the joy of warm fuzzies and smooth as silk!  Tactile experiences go a long way in making one feel right at home.  Snuggling with the right pillow or sheets make for better sleep and rest is most definitely our best friend during the holidays.  Give your guests the same benefit by checking out your current bedding to be sure they feel warmly welcomed.  Remember, one day you may be invited to overnight with them!  ;)

Do you hear what I hear? - I never tire of certain music.  It can gently bring my eyes to tears or it can take me back to youthful years.  Oh, the sounds of merriment while the minutes and hours have all been spent.  Depending on the time of day, it energizes me for the tasks ahead or it helps to put me quietly to bed.  Of course, a soft waterfall can be as lyrical as your favorite artist.  Just listen.

Taste this. - What would life be without being able to taste it?  From my morning cup of coffee to a caramelized anything!  Or maybe a bit of both?  Of course, if you’re brewing a pot, you get that wonderful aroma, too.  Instant welcome!

And finally, of course, the delight of sight. -

Thanksgiving Setting (1280x960)

(I’m giving you a little glimpse of my stylings for an upcoming article for Hooker Furniture Company.  It will be about a different twist on holiday entertaining so be sure to keep your eyes open for it to post!)

I loved creating a visual feast on my French vaisselier, above.  I’m not a pro photographer, by any stretch of the imagination, but every now and then I can capture an image which has beautiful lighting and texture.  There’s something lovely about the soft glow.  It definitely feels like home to me.

Make your home a feast for the senses.  Experience the best about design!

All my best! ~ Wanda

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

Great post, Wanda. The happy house looks beautiful, and a happy place to be. I love the smell of citrus, too...hmmmmm, delightful! xo