Sunday, December 8, 2013

I’m ‘Booked’ for the Holidays!

Having entered the final week of clients’ holiday decorating, I can tell my future will hold some early bedtimes, along with a good book.  No late night list-checking or errands to hardware stores or “secret sources” for fillers.  My friend and dynamic artist, Whitney Bayer, helped me with one installation and spilled the beans she shared a few of my tips on one of her inaugural blog posts.  You should give it a read.  A most talented painter of art and words!

Longview Tree

As usual, I digress.  The sleep experts say bedrooms are meant for sleeping and maybe a few other activities, but TV viewing and reading supposedly aren’t part of that list.  Now, while I do not have a TV in the bedroom . . . because I have a chair and an ottoman in front of one to suffice for my drifting off, thank you very much . . . I do have a revolving stack of bedside books or magazines.  It’s my special time for absorbing inspiring images before I go off to dreamland.  (The heavy duty or business reading is probably best accomplished when I’m in a more upright position.)

Just in case anyone might be reading this post and may not have finished their Christmas shopping, let me share a few hints as to what I’d love to find under the tree.  (wink)


Love Garden & Gun so I can only imagine the rich content and, after all, who doesn’t love the good life?  An excerpt, below:


As one reader shared:  “Brian's book will take you away to another world. A world of art, beauty, detail. Perfection without being preachy. Precision without being snobby.”

I’m loving what I’ve seen in these photos.  The combination of browns and reds!  Style and color should be individual and not formulaic.  Don’t even get me started on the latest trend push from the Pantone Color of The Year report.  Unless it’s YOUR color preference – walk away.


(Delicious and divine work from Brian J. McCarthy.)

This one will probably get downloaded in the Kindle version.  I’m always interested in what design bloggers have to say about the world of interiors.  This one seems to provide advice to someone beginning the process of making a home.  It might be a good visual primer for starting from the ground up and a nice, little goodie bag gift.


Lovely illustrations.  I’m a pushover for renderings!


This had me at ‘vintage’.  Soul, depth, whatever it’s called, a dash of vintage serves a room well.  Like every interesting woman, it gives the interiors a past.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I’m working on some bedside reading for you, too!  During my holiday break, I hope to get in some rough draft work on a mini-magazine.  Kind of a hybrid of my blog and portfolio of work.  Some behind-the-scenes stories of the spaces I’ve created.  Some of the why’s and how’s because I think many people would love to know more about what goes on in this noggin’ when it comes to helping them make design decisions.  (My biggest inspirational thoughts come during moments of drying my hair!  Must have something to do with massaging the brain cells when they need it most.)

ISSUU cover page

This truly is in the rough stages but perfectionism can’t stand in the way of getting the overall concept fleshed out.  Graphics and hopefully new photos, too!

A book, the rain, and you with breakfast in bed 

(via Pinterest)

Ah, being “booked” is pure bliss!

All my best! ~ Wanda

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