Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Nudge, an Honor, and the Golden Globes

Sometimes there is a moment which gives us the nudge to put our best foot forward.  This week, mine came in the form of this:

What a huge honor to be included with some really major design blogs!  Of course, the very next thing, after the big grin and warmth of appreciation ensued, was the feeling of panic.  Like someone important was heading over to the house and things were not quite picked up or some marks on the wall needed some paint touch-up.  Maybe like the chandelier needed cleaning or a new rug would pull everything together.  You know, that kind of panic.

Dining Chandelier Ballantyne Project

I’ve procrastinated in doing much with the blog format.  A new website went live, this past year, so most of my focus has been there.  Of course, there are always the questions about keeping a blog where it was originally located or whether or not to include it within the website, etc., etc., etc.  When you’re making important client and life decisions, these things tend to get put on the backburner. 

. . . . Until a nudge comes along!

The Design Blogger Hall of Fame is explained in more detail by clicking on HERE.  There are different categories and after the nominations end, the judges will narrow the choices down to the top five in each category.  The public voting will commence on January 20th, with 50% of the decision to be determined by public votes and 50% will come from the judges. 


This is all part of the Design Bloggers Conference, coming up in March.  It’s typically been held in LA but it’s now a bit closer to home and I’ve been considering attending.

. . . . See what I mean about the nudge? 

There’s nothing like an opportunity to provide laser-focus on something hanging out there that has needed attention.  I think of comical posts by other designers who have an opportunity for their personal residences to be photographed and the tales of the major “tune-up’s” happening within 48 hours of the photographer’s arrival.  The old, “don’t do as I do”, adage comes to mind.  In my case, it will be a quick clean-up of the page and tossing out some visual clutter.  I do hope they enjoy the content! 


Speaking of awards, I’m so looking forward to seeing my girls, Tina and Amy, as they host the Golden Globes on Sunday evening.  They are a tour de force of wit, style and intelligence.  I’m sure I’ll be flipping back and forth between commercials to check in on Downton Abbey.  What a cruel programming plan!  


Being that runway fashion tends to be the nudge for home design, I’ll be tuned into those red carpet moments, too.


Zuhair Murad spring 2014: Courtesy



Pearson 9654 Table

. . . . Now I’m thinking it’s time to pass along the nudge to others. 

You may still be digging out from the recent artic vortex, or as in my case, looking to build an ark to navigate all of this winter rain, but it’s absolutely the BEST time to start projects for the arrival of spring and summer.  (You know - that time of year when the visitors drop in?)  I’ll need a little time to pull it together for you. 

After all, this blog content didn’t get built in a day.  *wink*

All my best and very honored! ~ Wanda

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