Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy Audacious 2014!

So many of my interior design peers have been writing posts about their meaningful words for the New Year.  I’m not sure if having a few days off to ponder the “what’s next” in life gave me attention deficit disorder but I found it difficult to settle on just one.  So many great words and so many thoughts!



Fortunately, I had a movie scene flashback . . . My friends who know me think I’ve got an uncanny recall of movie scenes, which I’ve finally recognized as a special gift of remembering details – a great strength to have as an interior designer, by-the-way.  It was a moment of clarity which often occurs when I’m drying my hair.  I think it has something to do with taking time to relax the mind or maybe it just massages the brain cells.  Either way, I’m keeping a note pad nearby to jot down my revelations.

Focus on one thing.

(Focus is definitely on my 2014 list.  Better focus on my best projects and ideal clients and attracting more of them.  Focus on good health and organization.  But there’s really an even more encompassing word to come!))

Back to my movie story . . . If you’ve not seen it, basically it’s about a group of fellows who are on a quest to figure out the meaning of life, via one of their annual adventure-seeking treks.  Aptly named “City Slickers” because these fellows don’t bring with them a whole lot of what my southern family fondly refers to as “dirt, common sense”. 

(“The ONE thing”.  Really, click the image to watch!)

The movie was made in 1991, five years before I began my own business.  I’d like to say I was a mere babe in the age department but that wouldn’t be totally true.  I was in my thirties and I thought I had “it” all figured out.  I had made it into a stage of life where I still had the pluck of youth and thought I had spent enough time on earth to gain some wisdom and experience.  Mmmmm?  Maybe a bit too confident?  My older self still admires the bravado in which I approached decision-making.  A “Just Do It” kind of gal.


Here’s the thing, with wisdom and experience there can also be the pitfall of too much caution, based on previous bumps in the road.  Heaven only knows the last few years have produced enough concern for many Americans to want to hunker down in a safe place or to hold on to whatever they’ve had left.  I’m sure there were lots of experiences that produced valuable lessons.  But did something get lost in translation?  Was there a chipping away at confidence?


So . . . while still flipping the brush through my hair, I tried to remember what that thirty-something-year-old had that I felt I might be missing.  (And I’m not talking about wrinkle-free skin, here.)  There was a certain something that had been tucked away. 

. . . Maybe because I felt it only belonged to someone younger and because the world seems to elevate the more negative version of it.  But in the right hands, it can be a wonderful thing! 


(Don’t you just love the word ‘plucky’?  Sounds like where luck meets push. )


(Does your home tell your story?)

In 2014, I want to help other women – and men, too – take the journey of living well in their homes in the second half of life.  To finally let go of living in cookie-cutter interiors and to incorporate and embrace design in the realm of enhancing a life’s stage and lifestyle.  To look ahead and to find the “one thing” that has been missing, too.  To keep one’s environment safe in the category of function but to throw some caution to the wind when it comes to an open mind for design possibilities.  (Getting your sexy back, as it were.)  To reclaim audacity in the best way! 

Please stay-tuned as I’ll be posting more about this concept.  I’m updating and completing some great services, too. 

Happy New Year and let’s get plucking!


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Nelson Rogers Design said...

Wonderful post - especially as I approach a big milestone - I have to remind myself to "stretch" a little!