Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is Less Really More? How to Enjoy the Experience of “More” in Your Home.

My recent blog post for Hooker Furniture was inspired by a great read about enjoying the experience of “more” in your home. 

Here are some excerpts and the link-through to read more:

As I packed away the holiday decorations and cleared out the excess clutter, my thoughts turned to the recent trend of  paring down interiors for a ‘cleaner’ look.  There’s certainly something to be said for organizing space and capitalizing on function, but when things become a little “sterile,” it brings to mind the question:  “Is less really more when it comes to being happy at home?”


Recently, I’ve been reading a book by Gretchen Rubin, Happier at Home.  Her September Chapter, “Possessions”, hit home in a very profound way for me.  If you’ve been reading my blog posts for Hooker Furniture, you know that I’m an interior designer, so a lot of what I do relates to helping clients decide what to do with their possessions, and sometimes it includes bringing in more pieces. 

To read the whole blog – click here.

All my best! ~ Wanda

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