Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Design Team Rules

I started to post this on Facebook, today, but decided it was worth a brief blog entry.


There is so much truth to this.  I only accept full-service design projects where we are a team - contractors, vendors, designer, clients - I'm able to work on Project Ocean Isle - a distance project - for this very reason.  The contractor is on the jobsite, today, taking a visual/physical assessment.  I'm at the computer, working away, and am available for him to call.  My client has given us lots of feedback and a budget and I've worked with her on several other projects so there is the key ingredient of trust and performance appreciation.  She knows we’ve got her back and she’s also participating in the project in a way that will set it up for success, not failure.  (A post for another day.)

Hair Worx RefreshBelieve it or not, there are actually a few rules in interior design.  I’m not speaking of the type everyone refers to breaking - like mixing primitives with crystal.  I’m speaking of having a system in place, a method to the madness, a set of standard operating procedures.  I know this may not be everyone’s idea of “fun” but it’s the cogwheel which keeps projects rolling forward.

Things like this:

Ocean Isle Project Kitchen Notes

Meanwhile, this is what most people think of as the “fun” stage – aka – pretty thoughts swirling around:

Salon Refresh

I’m all about enjoying the process and that’s another one of my design business rules . . . we should revel in all of it!   But some days are also about about getting the work done. 

. . . For that, you need a great team!


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