Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Side Trip to the NC Coast–Vacation Home Interiors

What does an interior designer do when the winter blahs take hold?  Head to the coast, of course!  While it wasn’t a trip to slather on tanning lotion or dip my toes in the ocean, it was a welcome “working get-a-way” and the view was . . . aaaahhhh!

2014-02-06 10.02.48

(The point of inspiration was right off of the deck.)

We arrived in foggy weather and it hung around for the first day but since there was lots to do, it was a good omen for keeping us on task and indoors.  A nice side trip to the Purple Onion for lunch boosted our energy for lots of concentration on the details.


(I resisted temptation in the bakery – though I don’t know how!)

I’ve worked with this client on previous projects so it makes doing a distance design a bit easier because of our previous history.  She’s toughed out her kitchen and bathrooms being ripped apart and re-designed, as well she’s been there during the same process with her daughter’s townhome.  (A snippet of that, shown below.)

web img_9923

In fact, her daughter’s project provided some inspiration for the Ocean Isle home.  You see, my client used to cringe at the idea of using gray-tones in her home.  After seeing how we kept it from “clouding” the view with the addition of brights, it’s become one of her favorite neutrals!

I’m utilizing the lovely, exterior view as an inspiration source, as well as I’m incorporating the current granite counters, in the kitchen.  It’s not her favorite stone but it’s actually quite perfect for the overall background.  Some surprising, plank floor options allow for low maintenance, because, after all, if you’re at the beach, who wants to spend the days cleaning?

Keeping it Coastal

I’m entranced with this fabric combination.  (I tested it on Facebook and my client gave me a big “heart”!  I know, kind of sneaky of me.)

2014-02-08 15.49.58

I love posting all of the “pretty” but I can tell you there’s a big journey of getting to this point - beyond the drive back and forth.  We were up until the wee hours of the next day, discussing every option from function to budgets, as well as snapping photos and taking lots of detailed measurements.  Chats about color overhauls, window treatments, molding options, lighting and electrical . . . I’ve got to hand it to her, my client hung in there as I got my second wind at midnight!


(An example of how one area required detailed focus.  Baseboard will be beefed up with the addition of molding.  Window treatments will be replaced.  Flooring will go.  Lighting, furniture – hello to new.  Paint tape is a great design assistant!)

The previous owners had made some improvements and some were a little questionable, after our measurements were made.  We’ll do some corrections because just applying paint is like putting a Band-aid on a bad place.  Other areas will get some touch-up’s with the idea that bigger remodeling can happen, later.  Lots of weighing of options, for certain.


(The parting view, the next afternoon.  Of course the sun came out when we had to leave!  After a Bull Shark Burger at Sharkey’s, we were on the road to home.)

Now, if the weatherman had only predicted something different than this for our meeting days, this week . . .


The colors are kind of nice, though!

All my best! ~ Wanda

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