Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday’s Musings– “Brinner” and Breakfast in Bed

One more week in February!  Before we all do the happy dance for spring’s arrival, I understand it’s time for another winter blast to hit.  The sun has been teasing us with a warm-up, here in North Carolina.  Yes, my car read 77 degrees last week.  I’m thinking Mother Nature is having one of her “transitions”. 

I wrote a recent post for Hooker Furniture Company, “The Ultimate Winter Luxury: Breakfast in Bed.”  I think it’s my answer to coping with all of this crazy weather.  Just click on the picture and I’ll share how to not only make the best of things, but you may even decide to enjoy “Brinner in Bed”.  (Yes, it’s actually in the Urban Dictionary, meaning:  Breakfast for Dinner.)

Tray Chic

(A few stylish bed trays make the setting comfy and glam.)

Since the sun is streaming through my office window, I’m having difficulty believing the forecast, but as I’ve got projects with tight deadlines, the other part of me says, “But of course!”

All my best! ~ Wanda

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