Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It’s All About Priorities– Don’t Save it for Tomorrow

I’ve been taking a little blog break . . .

I don’t expect this to be the equivalent of “breaking news”, by any stretch, but after checking in and looking at the date of my last post, even I was surprised!  I used to try to post at least weekly.  (And to my defense, lest I sound to have checked out of writing, I’ve been creating bi-monthly posts for Hooker Furniture Corporation, with lots of story boards and design ideas.)

Kim Seybert Tabletop

(My latest post for HFC – “Style from Sea to Shining Sea”)

Pardon me for digressing.  One of the pitfalls of being off of the blog is I have so much to share but I’m supposed to be on a hiatus, which means my mind becomes full of ideas, again!  Typically, I take off the week of July 4th to slow down a bit and to take stock of the half-way point of the year.  A break is good for me.  This one has been about tweaking some things in my design business, clearing out the accumulation of clutter and information, and figuring out some priorities.  Of course, a bit of relaxation is supposed to be mixed in there, too! 


Relaxation, for me, can be this weird thing called “organizing”.  Afterwards, I feel like I’ve been to a spa day.  I’m so at ease when things are back in place and all of my muscles feel lighter because I’ve gotten rid of that which weighs me down.  I also tend to slow down a bit as I’m intentional in my thoughts and the questions about what to keep and what to either give away or toss.  It’s a very Zen kind of experience.

While I’ve been into closets, files, and drawers, it brought to mind a wonderful article, maybe written before some of you were born! 


“What Special Someday Are We Saving For?” (<click on for reading),was originally featured in the LA Times in 1985 and a reprint was run in 1998.  It’s a touching story about cleaning out the author’s sister’s drawers, after her death.  I think it just goes to show, while our life and times do change, there are some things which should remain the same . . . Priorities.   

At this stage in my life, I can feel my priorities shifting.  It doesn’t mean I’m heading to the extreme, of which I’ve read about some folks presenting living in almost an empty box.  I’m an interior designer, after all.  I do enjoy my “stuff”.  I’m just looking at some of it in a different way. 

And, yes, I DO eat off of the good china . . .


I WILL be back on the blog with my mix of interiors and ponderings.  Some fun projects have been in the works, (think swimming tots and kitchen updates), as well as some exciting news for a new service.  I think the next post will be about age appropriate interiors.  See, I told you my brain is perking!

All my best to you! ~ Wanda  (Have a safe and happy Fourth!)

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