Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saving the “day” when the clock falls back.

As I sit at the desk on this glorious, sunny Sunday afternoon - and the first day of Daylight’s Savings Time – I sense that many folks are feeling a little less than enthused about the early arrival of what we fondly refer to as “dark-thirty” in our home.  Getting up in the dark and arriving home, by way of streetlights, may not be so appealing. 

Night  Spaces - Wanda S. Horton Interior Design

(A watercolor-style, photo rendering of a library I completed, a few years ago.  I’m proud that this design could still be applied in today’s world of design.  Classic is timeless.)

While I’m a sunshine kind of person, I do appreciate the placement of a happy porch light to welcome me inside.  Who also doesn’t love driving by a lovely street of homes, in the evening, if only to admire beautiful interiors popping from within?  (You know we all do it!)

As an interior designer, I often limit my later appointments, during Daylight Savings Time, because many of the sites I’m visiting are often challenged with having adequate lighting.  Not so great for viewing colors or making great selections.  Of course, as we near the end of our meetings, when twilight begins to settle in, it’s a great opening for that kind of discussion!

Wanda S. Horton Interior Design Dining Room

(The adjacent dining room, also in a watercolor-style, photo rendering.  The chandelier, sconces, rope lighting in the dome and the china cabinet made the room magical at night.)

If you’re feeling a bit blah or sad to be missing the extra daylight hours, take a critical look around your rooms.  Are they only illuminated by an overhead fixture?  Is there consistency in all of the corners having some sort of wash of lighting?  Are you digging for the extra flashlight?  It may be time to consider adding some lumens to your life!

And that’s my light bulb moment for your week!

Enjoy your week! ~ Wandaimage

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