Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry, Merry Holiday Wishes! Taking Time & Making Time

As we dim the lights in the office and are about to set forth to fully enjoy this holiday season, (for my family, it’s Christmas, for others it may be Hanukah, Kwanza, Boxing Day, Winter Solstice), it’s time to thank everyone one of you who have dropped by my blog to see if I’ve updated with articles or news.  I often feel I end up making references to the obvious . . . I’ve not been “dropping in” with the frequency of years past.

Figure reading from Pinterest

(What a thought-provoking image.  It reminds me I  still have this page as a placeholder, waiting to be filled.)

I’ve been working on other things.  Relationships, business, and me.  The order of these changes from day-to-day.  For me, they are all a process of creation.  And a work in progress because I don’t think we’re ever completely “done”, if we’re moving forward.


One of my New Year’s resolutions is not to feel so guilty concerned about the frequency of posts or if they are “perfect” in nature.  I’m so thankful to say I had a surge in business, in the last half of 2014, and I hope to see it continue.  Ironically, one of my sweet friends has nominated me for:


To be nominated for the Design Bloggers Hall of Fame is certainly an honor; however, in comparison to the other blogs, where they’ve updated to stunning platforms and regularly post . . . I’ll just say “thank you” to the gracious soul who has overlooked one more of year of not being so “spiffy” and with less than regular contributions. 

This philosophy may not ring so true for career bloggers but it definitely fits my philosophy.  I believe private journaling is a great learning tool and not everything needs to go online.  I think we’re at one of those crossroads, in my humble opinion, where we have some decisions to make about maintaining more real life balance.  In reading other blog posts, this past year, I know I’m not alone.  (Ah, the double-edged sword of such a statement!) 

25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

As a side note, I DO write for a national furniture company, Hooker Furniture Company, and I hope it’s pushed my skills to a new level.  Sometimes I miss some spelling or punctuation and cringe a bit when those posts are published, but I do dig deeper for worthy content, while weaving in their furnishings to inspire different ways readers can incorporate pieces into their interiors.  A few weeks ago, I covered two amazing home tours.  You can read all about it by clicking <here>.  Some of the gorgeous, historical residences are drool-worthy! 

If you see I’m a bit absent, here, be sure to drop by for a visit at their Experience Your Home blog.  I usually pop up every month and our group of contributing writers love to share great design and home ideas!

Holiday Season

(A peek at one of the homes.)

So - as I sign off for 2014, I wish you all of the best!  If you’re online reading this, be sure to get out and about to share a smile, a good deed and a hug!

Wanda S. Horton Merry Christmas

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