Friday, February 6, 2015

From the Interior Design Desk . . .

In the midst of getting ready to upload this to my Facebook business page, it morphed into a blog post.  (And here I’ve been thinking my writing skills had taken a hiatus or been directed elsewhere!)

After sorting through copious notes from a tile showroom visit, and merging them with other selections for a new build project, this thought came to mind . . .

Why did my clients decide to hire an interior designer?  What value do I bring to them?  It wasn’t a question of doubt but rather a reflection why I believe they’ve made a wise decision.

Owners Bath

(This is just one of the story boards being put together, with many detailed sheets included with it.  It's one room.  Can you imagine handling an entire home, if this isn’t your day-to-day profession?  What a learning curve.)


(The pretty part.)


(The “must do” part.  Measure twice, cut once.)


What were my conclusions?

1.  My clients are successful business owners who have a very busy schedule and decided it was worth the investment to seek help.  (Thankfully, even though busy, they have made this project a priority for input and feedback.  That’s another blogpost as to why some projects get derailed . . . lack of investment of a different kind - time.)
2.  They are in the middle of a new home build. 
3.  There are many moving parts to each space. 
4.  There are many vendors with whom to make selections and to relay their selections back to the contractor, perhaps needing translations in terms with which they are not familiar or also in need of sketches and specs.
5.  They want their home to reflect who they are, while being pulled together in a cohesive and functional manner.
6.  They also enjoy capturing spare time for family, travel and fun.  A new home build can be a process of 8 months or more.  Truly custom can be more than a year, from the blue-print stages forward.  They are able to get away, knowing a team is in place.
7.  They appreciate having a designer who is organized and plans ahead for the next step, to keep the project in motion.  Staying on task can cut a lot of unnecessary expenses.
8.  They are SMART.  :)  (They were that before they hired me!) 

On three separate occasions, this week, several vendors wanted to express their appreciation for my professionalism and organization in handling projects.  In being prepared.  As one said to me – “Thank goodness you’re not a hot mess!” 

They could have given me a crown and a scepter and declared me “Queen for a Day” with that!

I think I might have to remember this the next time I’m in mud boots on a jobsite . . .

All Southern Belle's have to adjust their tiara on occasion... then proceed to smile & wave.

All my best! ~ Wanda

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