Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Home Textiles Make A Difference in Design Details

When Carmen Natschke, of the Decorating Diva, messaged me to see if I’d be interested in sharing some insight on the use of textiles in the home, I said, “absolutely”!  Carmen is a fabulous writer and speaker and I’ve had the good fortune to get to know her through various industry events and her great blog posts.  She keeps a keen eye open on all things about design.


Carmen’s latest article, for Beautiful Design, Made Simple, featured our interview, along with Canadian designer, Meredith Heron, and interior designer, Linda Merrill, of Massachusetts.  We all have a different approach and aesthetic but have penchant for textiles and how they are a key ingredient in pulling any space together.  What good company to be included!

Please click on the photo, below, to hop on over to Carmen’s post . . .


Speaking of textiles, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a local event, “An Evening of Design Magic”, as I showcased some patterns from Thibaut and Anna French, mixed among gorgeous flowers and accents, from August Lily Florist.  Kim Rushing, and her wonderful team, opened their doors to a special list of guests and we did a “walking tour” through different vignettes to illustrate how one can live well in their home. 

I’ll share a peek at one of our tabletops and then post a little more, later.  I never get tired of a classic, blue and white theme!

Table Top Event

Until then . . .

All my best! ~ Wanda


Linda Merrill said...

So fun to be a part of this article on textiles with you Wanda!

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Thank you, Linda! I enjoyed it, too! All my best - Wanda