Sunday, March 8, 2015

Someone’s knocking at the door . . .

Isn’t there something marvelous about a beautiful door knocker?  Even the plainest entry can become delightfully decorated!

Entry doors and hardware have been front-of-mind, as of late.  I’ve been working on a lovely custom home build, in the Charlotte area, thanks to Arcadia Homes, and we’re in the midst of finalizing doors and hardware.


I’m also in the progress of updates to a couple of clients’ existing exteriors, as well.  These are all totally different dwellings.  One is a classic style with rustic touches and one contains brick accents which will disappear, as we take the traditional styling to a cleaner, Craftsmen direction.  The other one is in Oak Island, NC, so a beach cottage aesthetic will definitely be in play.  Who says an interior designer has to stay indoors?  With longer, sunnier days ahead, it’s a happy thing!

Even though there will be some technology governing the methods of alerting the homeowners to their guests’ arrival, I still love the beauty of a hand’s-on approach of saying “I’m here!”.

I found some stunners at Fabbricreations . . .

Razzel-Dazzle Door Knocker

(Razzle-Dazzle Door Knocker – And yes, it is!)

Modern Door Knocker

(Modern Door Knocker – A piece of sculpture!)

And at 1stdibs



(Bronze Face Door Knocker by Cellura – Via Lewis Trimble)

Retroricks offered a very Zen approach . . .image

(Vintage 1969 Terra Sancta Guild Brass and Enamel – Totally chill.)

And then there are estate sales and local shops with some gorgeous offerings . . .


(This was shared by Jennifer Burnham on her Instagram page, regarding an upcoming estate sale.  Don’t even think about it.  I so want this one!)

I know we’re glad spring is a few, short days away and it’s going to be all about the view as we welcome in the extra sunshine and thawed-out visitors.  One of my favorite services is exterior transformations, from concept to completion.  What a difference they can make!

Now, back to the design boards.  Happy, longer days!

All my best ~ Wanda

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