Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome to March–North Carolina Style

First, let me just get this out of the way . . . Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.  (A custom, shared among several of my friends, to welcome in the 1st day of the month.)  It’s believe that uttering these words, upon waking, will bring in good luck for the duration of the following days.  I never snub my nose at the prospect of anything lucky or fortunate!

Upon glancing at the calendar, it seems as if Mother Nature isn’t quite certain how those of us in my area are to plan our attire for the coming week.  Low’s in the upper 20’s and the highs hoover somewhere around 70°F, with everything else in between. 

Welcome to March!  A month of transitions, between seasons, as it sets forth our “great expectations” of spring’s arrival. 

Welcome March - Wanda S. Horton

Today I’m celebrating with a glorious bouquet of tulips nested on my French parquet table in an ironstone pitcher.  (Thanks to August Lily for having these beauties in your shop.  The grass cloth background is from Thibaut Wallcovering – available through moi.) 

March is definitely a favorite month – and not just because daylight saving’s time extends my day or that spring is around the corner.  I’m celebrating another anniversary with the love of my life and my best friend, this month.  My father’s birthday will be forthcoming.  And . . . I get to celebrate the legacy of my ancestors on St Patrick’s Day, too.  (It doesn’t hurt to have green as a favorite color!)


Now back to planning this week’s wardrobe.  I think there will be layers involved!

Live well! ~ Wanda

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