Saturday, April 11, 2015

Performing Miracles–Schedules and Fabrics

It’s off to the races and off to High Point Furniture Market, in a few short days.  Which also means I’ll be offline for a bit – well, except for posting some great market photos on Instagram.  It’s going to take a miracle to get everything done but I’ve got faith it will all fall into place.

There are several lovely projects in the pipeline and it would take so much time to share it all so I’ll leave you with some parting shots . . .

I’m tweaking options on our project in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  Oh why do some of my favorite options have the words “backorder” or “discontinued” bringing me sighs?  Yes, that perfect, Greek key trim is a goner!  The good news is, most of the rest of this is safe.  More swatches on the way!

Cleveland OH project Wanda S. Horton Interior Design

Finalizing so many details on our Union Co, NC project.  It’s time to finish up the new construction portion and move along to the interiors.  I’m working away on combinations for the upholstery. 

Speaking of miracles . . .Almost all of these selections fall under the category of “performance” fabrics.  Not only are they super strong, they are very easily maintained, mostly with just soap and water clean-up.  No worries about spills or accidents.  And they have a lovely hand, (designer-eze for touch/feel factor), too.  Living in the south, that’s important because it gets pretty humid and there’s nothing worse than sitting on a scratchy sofa or chair, in the midst of a hot and sticky day. 


Now I’m off to finish up a few more things and to book that much-need mani-pedi appointment!

How true this is . . .

All my best! ~ Wanda

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