Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year - 2016! Daring to Begin

Isn't it funny how we receive messages we need at just the right time?  I was cleaning out some data files, as part of my goal to live lighter in 2016, and I found a saved image which summarized it all.  It also reminded me to forget perfectionism, which is the greatest stall point for me.

I know this will be one of a gazillion posts about starting fresh in the New Year.  What makes it so unique?  Simply said - Me.  And - You.

Each of us has our own set of core values, our own reasons for motivation, and our own method for accomplishing our goals, visions, dreams . . . whatever you want to call them.  We also have our own circumstances for some of these to come true and for others to be kicked to the curb.  Mix in a dose of destiny, add some faith, maybe a stirred-in bit of luck, and the results can take us down varied paths.

2015 has been an amazing year.  I'm so appreciative of it being so.  While it's important to take time to plan ahead, it's also important to take time to look back to see what made all of this happen.  That's a part of the process we sometimes forget.

For interior designers, "amazing" can mean so many different things.  The one thing which made this one of my best years?  I looked inward instead of outward because my measurements for success are for me and for me, alone.  I did have some wonderful projects and worked with more of my ideal clients.  I accomplished some personal goals and plan to continue to check off lists which allow me to maximize my time in many different ways - carving out more time to honor my thirst for learning and cultural endeavors, for more meaningful experiences and relationships, for optimal health, and for giving when and where I can fill a need.

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the help I've received along the way.  Sometimes it came when I directly reached out and asked for it.  Other times it came from someone not knowing they shared a post or a comment which ignited a spark in my head and in my soul.  In some cases, referrals were made which fortified my business.  Vendors who had my back.  The list goes on.

This week I'll be writing notes to share my appreciation to these people.  An important item to honor on my 2016 list.  Share gratitude above all.

So . . .  while my list is being formulated and the quest to reorganize and prepare is underway for what is to come, come what may, this is the image which inspired me today . . .
All my best to you!  Happy New Year, Happy 2016! ~ Wanda

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

Great thought provoking post my friend. I think for all of us, BEGIN is the right word. Often we put limits on ourselves, and fear and doubt or worse things come into our mind. You are an inspiration to me, creative, talented, bright, funny and caring. Wishing you a brilliant new year ahead, I know you will begin many beautiful, wonderful things, and finish them, too! Lidy