Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finding the Perfect Fit - The Luxury Of Service

Over the years, we've worked diligently to find the best vendors and service providers to bring the experience of luxury design to our clients in their homes and vacation retreats. With each client and project, the goal is to continue to grow and excel as we move forward.

Just recently, I was reminded how great it feels to be on the receiving end of some special attention and having my own needs met. I love it when serendipity allows for an "aha" moment, don't you?

An occasion arose where I needed, (translated - wanted), to shop for a bit of evening attire. Being it was a little while since that corner of my closet had been graced with an updated offering, a more-than wee moment of panic ensued in how I might accomplish this and in time to find something to fit and for it to be ready-to-go. When you're under 5'2" and not a size '0', well you definitely have to plan for the inevitable challenges of alterations!


Finding the right scale and proportion even applies to rooms.  Love this vignette from Thibaut!  Their new Venus wallpaper pattern is divinely luxe!


Fast forwarding from the moments of angst and after making some phone calls, I found my fit - in more ways than one - at our local Nordstrom store. First, I was amazed I didn't hear a 'click' at the other end of the phone, when describing what I perceived to be all of my issues. Then, when I met the calming miracle-worker, Ghesoun, I knew I would be in capable hands and perhaps had found the person who could help me with future needs, too.

    Product Image, click to zoom  Product Image, click to zoom

Nordstrom has a great reputation, as a brand, for excellent customer-service. They also offer options within their specially selected vendors to help them put their best foot forward.  Absolutely some of the reasons I decided to make the appointment.

They give their staff members the autonomy to take care of their customers, above and beyond whatever department they may be located.  Not only did Ghesoun have several dresses selected and waiting for my arrival, she also pulled together the coordinating shoes, jewelry, and clutch purses. They all went home with me, by the way, because they were perfect in every way!  As a past Girl Scout, I go by the motto: "Be prepared." (My husband chuckled at this rationalization!)



A Sweetie of an Evening Clutch from Jimmy Choo.


A glimpse of a shimmering project we have in progress for a Charlotte, NC dining room, with accents waiting for the rest of the “outfit”. Definitely black tie ready but it’s been designed for comfortable everyday gatherings, too. That’s how we approach luxury design – a blending of the best of both worlds.

After happily jaunting off with my purchases, I acknowledged some important take-a-way's from this experience:

  1. Preparation and homework is key to any successful outcome. Ghesoun knew I was already feeling a bit overwhelmed and had she waited for me to walk through the entire store for a shopping expedition, I would have been lost in aisle 3. She asked the right questions and then went right to work to narrow down the options.
  2. It's all about timing. I was so thankful they had immediate options available, but was prepared to accept having to customize or alter something to be a better fit. I went in with realistic expectations, sprinkled with optimism.
  3. Let people do what they do best, in the spirit of collaboration. In this case, Nordstrom stands behind their customer service but they also foster decision-making skills among their team. An import ingredient when establishing key relationships and decisions.
  4. Chemistry and respect are everything!  Even with considering all of the above thoughtful details, these two factors seem to rise to the top. Call it chemistry, communication capacity, similar values, like-minds - or whatever - there is an "it" factor in every working relationship which can make or break it in the end. You know it when you feel it and it makes you want to share in the experience, all over again, as well as pass it along to others.

And absolutely,  Number Five!  Consistency and Classic.


In the last couple of years, I’ve focused my business towards a boutique-type interior design firm, with more selective projects, where my team can pull together a total space or home.  My experience with Ghesoun was another confirmation this approach has been the right decision.  Had I only left with a partial ensemble, or two, I would still be looking for the missing pieces and not feeling the investment of my time and dollars had served me well.  I find the same to be true for a partially-finished room or home.

After all, while we enjoy seeing close-up’s of interior details, we want to see how they are put together in the bigger picture. 

All my best! ~ Wanda

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